Workshops for Musiscians

What happens in my body when I breathe?

How is breathing important to the audience?

Can I feel where in my body the breathing takes place?

What is the “support”? What role does the pelvic floor play?

This array of workshops is mainly intended for wind players and singers. Not only will they be taught the theory of the anatomy of respiration but also practically experience and explore the aspects of the breathing on their own bodies and learn about the effects it has to the listeners.

By understanding the respiratory processes the musicians themselves will be able to detect, unlearn and correct bad habits they show when playing their instruments. This way, consequential damage can be avoided in the long run and the musicians will manage to find suitable breathing techniques.

The aim of this workshop is to permanently improve the performance by gaining an understanding of basic physical processes and performing specific exercises that stimulate the structures and processes taught in this workshop.

This workshop also includes a posture training with and without the instrument, instrument adjustment (where applicable and requested) and individual coaching.


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19.Juni 21     14 - 17 h     ONLINE    75 € / 60 € **


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29. Mai 21     11 - 14 h     ONLINE    75 € / 60 € **


Where are my limits?

What impact does my posture have on my performance?

How do I know when to take a break in time?

What does “sitting / standing upright” actually mean?

These are some of the questions we will be answering in this workshop. The anatomy of the body will play a big role in both a theoretical and a practical way.

Practical experiences and additional knowledge will help the musicians to correct or unlearn behavioural patterns, avoid possible damages and create room for new and better patterns for a new and better presence. Once the physiological posture has been explored, the difference between bad and good patterns will be highlighted in more detail with the instrument. Since each body is different we will be searching for individual and customised posture solutions with the instrument.

In addition to understanding the anatomy and physiology of the posture, the aim of this workshop is to provide the musician with a short but effective set of exercises to actively stimulate the structures and processes taught in this workshop and thus improve the performance in the long run. This workshop also includes individual coaching opportunities and ideas on how to adjust the instrument.

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Next classes*:

ONLINE    75 € / 60 € **


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