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29. Mai 21 Pelvic Floor

19. Juni 21 Breathing


Healthy and regular breathing is vital for every human being. This fundamental idea has laid the basis for my work.

The objective of my workshops and coaching sessions is to individually help musicians play their instruments in an ergonomic way by helping them comprehend and apply breathing techniques. 

My offer also aims at preventing and/or correcting pain, imbalances, and posture damage and minimise the risk of injury musicians are at.

After gaining anatomical and physiological knowledge and understanding and sensing the processes on their own bodies, the patients perform individual counterbalancing exercises to get new impulses for their work.


About me

Being an active professional oboe player (Master of Music: Oboe) and physiotherapist, I am well acquainted with the challenges and different aspects of a musician’s everyday life and want to support musicians of all ages and levels of professionalism.




stands for

ancient greek ἀήρ („aer“) - air 

thus, aerob means “dependant” on oxygen

english word related to breathing and wind instruments

is a common abbreviation for oboe